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This webinar series includes 10 fiscal training videos for Community Action staff, developed in collaboration with Wipfli through the Partnership’s Center of Excellence. The series of videos is especially beneficial for fiscal staff new to Community Action, but experienced fiscal staff have found them helpful as well. The topics range from fund accounting to cost allocation, regulations, internal controls, and budgets. The videos can be viewed in a series or one at a time.

Overview of the CSBG Organizational Standards

This presentation provides an overview of the CSBG Organizational Standards for private and public Community Action Agencies.

Cost Allocation Including Direct Costs and Approved Indirect Cost Rates

This presentation overviews basic costs principles and explains the process for classifying allowable costs.

Internal Controls: What They Are and Why We Need Them

This presentation overviews the importance of internal controls and how an agency can develop a satisfactory framework for internal controls to avoid fiscal error.

Being A CFO In A Multi Funded CAA

This presentation identifies obstacles finance departments can encounter when Community Action Agencies have multiple funding streams and offers practical solutions.

Top 10 Fiscal Challenges in a Community Action Program

This presentation prepares Community Action Agencies to address common fiscal challenges.

What Makes Grant-Funded Accounting Unique

This presentation overviews accounting best practices for agencies that receive grant funding.

The Regulations: Overviews of the Uniform Guidance, Program Acts, and Program Regulations

This presentation provides an introduction to structural and administrative aspects of federal programming.

Allowable Costs: What Can I Spend My Money On

This presentation outlines what a CAA can and cannot do with federal grant funding and provides best practices for avoiding financial errors.

The Power of Budgets

This presentation overviews how to develop a budget that will support the success of a CAA.

Documentation and Record Retention

This presentation provides an introduction to records management and outlines best practices for developing an efficient record-keeping process.